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I was talking to 2 of the sweetest ladies helping me today! I think the first lady was Jen.

She was super nice but we got disconnected and I called back. A gentleman answer and he was so rude and hateful after 25 minutes on the phone he was no help and still was being rude. I just hung up on him and thought I would call back and cancel my order. Called back and the second lady had my bill ready and took my payment with in 10 minutes if not sooner.

She to was just as nice and pleasant. The man he almost caused me to just cancel my order. I usually don't do these reviews. Wish I knew the name of the ladies and you all could tell them what a good job they did helping me.

The man I would tell him not to let the door hit him in the *** as he was walking out! That's how bad he was!

Thank you for reading this! Patti Roberts

Preferred solution: Just think it was so rude in how I was treated by a male helping me today! It was uncause of! I didn't do anything to him.

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