My son purchased a gift card from Amazon as a Christmas present to me...long story short...i asked to speak to costumer service i was having trouble with my order.They connected me to someone who was literally no help.He was rude his greeting was terrible.He basic did nothing to help me.He jus held the Damm phone.The conversation was so out of touch i thought i was being scammed.I had to put a credit card number in.I asked him why since i was using a gift card.I did not want my credit card on file with Amazon.He never gave me a clear reason why.I went and put my number in anyway so i could complete my order.I had been foolin with it for quite some time.It stated any order over 25 dollars no shipping charges .Thats a lie i was charged shipping .I hav shopped with Amazon several times this was the worst ever.The ordering process really needs tweeking as well as greeters for Costumer Service for Amazon......thanks for takin the time to read this....Jimmy M.

User's recommendation: Be prepared.

Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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