Dear Sir, Madam,

Your online business has experienced exceptional growth, and your unique services have brought you an ever-increasing reputation.

Today, you have 34 countries where it is eligible to buy from AMAZON.

Currently a graduate in Finance, Audit, Management Control, and Information Systems at Skema Business School, I would like to open a franchise in Casablanca, Morocco very soon.

I quickly integrated a telecom service company REGHI TELECOM with the authorized distribution of ORANGE TELECOM products and services in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. My main role was the management of the sales team and the increase of the sales to reach the objectives.

I have been divided since my youth between three different countries, the Ivory Coast, Morocco and France for my studies.

This allowed me to see the potential of different markets, especially in Africa.

I will be delighted to bring an extension to Amazon in Africa, and initially in Morocco, where the market is currently very buoyant.

In addition, I was able to meet several professionals from the distribution and e-commerce sector. These meetings were very enriching and gave me the opportunity to see all aspects of the profession.

Versatile, and anxious to bring an added value to the sector of the online commerce, being the future and the future, it is with a keen i

Morocco, where I hope to become one of your franchisees, has a large population of technology-oriented people who would be looking for the services that you offer.

Looking forward to meeting you, please receive, Sir, Madam, my best regards.

Yours sincerely,

Location: Paris, Ile-De-France

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