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In July of 2012 I sold a brand new Macbook Air using Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). This is where you send the item to Amazon, they list it on their site and then ship the item once it is purchased by someone. Fine. It sold, and everything seemed legit. Today is January 24th, 2013 and imagine my SHOCK when I receive an email from Amazon saying that they've initiated a refund to the buyer of the Macbook Air--the one I sold SIX MONTHS AND TEN DAYS AGO NOW!!! There is absolutely NO excuse for this! What other company allows someone to purchase and use a laptop and then return it over six months later for a FULL refund!?!? I know where I'm buying *my* next Macbook!

So I check my Amazon seller account, and sure enough! They've forcefully taken nearly a grand out of my funds. I get on the phone immediately to find out WTF is going on here. Over my dead, cold body are they going to return a six month old used laptop to me! The woman I spoke to feigned sympathy, saying they "never should have accepted a return after that amount of time" and said she would reimburse my account the money they'd forcefully snatched from it. The catch? It will take up to seven days. That's right: An interest-free 7-day loan Amazon just got themselves! They had no problem taking the money from me immediately! But to give it back? That'll take a week.

So I hang up, still pissed that this even happened (it's going to cause issues with my taxes now, since it was purchased in 2012 but returned in 2013). But it wasn't over yet. I just received ANOTHER email saying they're taking out yet another $190 for the same transaction!!! Again--checked my seller account, and the money has already been debited! Now my f'ing head is going to explode.

Let this be a warning: If you sell anything via FBA, Amazon can and will rape you on returns. They have no skin in the game, so they don't care! They'll let someone use your item for OVER HALF A YEAR and then return it for a 100% refund. On WHAT planet does that happen!? They said in the email they sent me that "sometimes they accept returns outside their standard 30-day return policy in order to ensure a great customer experience." MY expense! DON'T FORGET WHO YOUR CUSTOMER IS, AMAZON! I AM! You didn't make any money off that buyer, you made your money off of ME via the commission I paid once you sold MY Macbook Air! I AM YOUR CUSTOMER! And you just bit the hand that fed you! NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $949.

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Hey no surprise they are corrupt I sold a tablet 4 Samsung galaxy sent it priority mail and proof that it was delivered to the address provided by the buyer in durham north Carolina on 1006 delray.Guess what the buyer saids I know it was delivered but is no where to be found,i open a cacse with my evidence and amazon issue a full refund to the buyer so it keeps the money and the tablet.Buyers email is amazon market so they took part on the cake? yes they did