I tried to hook up my TV that I just got from Amazon so I was having a problem so when I got the new code and didn't work they sent me this phone number to call and they're trying to get my information and it want me to go to the store so they can use the the y5 somewhere else like it 7-Eleven or Walgreens they were asking me how far am I from the store and that there was all kinds of charges all over United States for iPhones for me and iPads I don't even have any iPhone anyting so I got in so the guy finally asked me how much money I had in my available in my account and I told them I had like $4 and he said what the *** do we need you for and hung up on me so this is the number to call that I got flashed on the screen what you're trying to represent Amazon to get information 877 - 902 - **** this is Tim Contreras 916-743-****

Location: Carmichael, California

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