Order was supposed to arrive 12pm-2pm, which it did not, resulting in my wasting a morning waiting, then tried to contact Amazon and got 100 different screens asking for everything but my mothers maiden name. Somehow managed to get a person WHO SPOKE ONLY CHINESE!!!

Finally found a not paying because of non delivery clause somewhere. Was so furious I called therapist ( probably $1-200) to calm me down. Went out. Came back two hours later.

Order which I was waiting for at my door, as it says, was sitting in lobby of building, god knows for how long. Experiences with Whole Foods Delivery, contrarily, have been perfect. I buy a lot and have for years from Amazon but now question whether I can continue to deal with a company who has obviously made it virtually impossible to speak to a human being. The refund is irrelevant.

Is Amazon going to refund four wasted hours of my life? I am 76. I may not have that many. Utterly outrageous, contempt for the customer from a company who is what it is today for SERVICE as much as price.

Still outraged and have had to take calming medication. And those screens then asking you to rate your experience from 1-10. How about -1000! From this day on, Amazon will be my last resort.

Unlike them, I value people over profit. I eagerly await their non-reply.

Martin Asher

User's recommendation: Beware.

Location: New York, New York

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