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I just received a phone call, which they posed as a Amazon employee with lots of voices in the background, so it sounded like it could be customer service, advising me of a delivery of a $1,500+ purchase to be delivered at an address in Albany New York. I did not authorize any such purchase and any purchase from my account being shipped to Albany, New York tomorrow or Wednesday is to be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY AND NO DEDUCTION FROM MY CHECKING ACCOUNT ASSOCIATED WITH MY AMAZON ACCOUNT IS AUTHORIZED.

Please call me immediately at 937-829-****. If I do not hear from you today, I will cancel my Prime Membership with Amazon and cancel all my association with Amazon.

Plus I will advise the same to all my family, friends, and Facebook followers. This is VERY ALARMING TO ME, causing me to take drastic action if I dont receive a phone call from a person today.


Stephen Arndts

Location: Dayton, Ohio

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LOL...You don't have enough friends or family to matter. Secondly, this is an all-day, everyday scam that ranks up there with the Microsoft scam.

In fact, people will laugh at you when telling them of this. Lighten up loser....