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I received a fraudulent invoice for a product I did not purchase . I thought Amazon should know that scammers were sending these invoices , so I called customer support to give them the info on the fraudulent invoice and offered to forward them the invoice.

The agent I spoke to was VERY annoying ,, first he asked me almost every question he could to "verify my account". Then I explained why I called and he said "your account is secure" so we don't need the info about the fraudulent invoice. So Amazon does not care that scammers are using its logo to get people to pay for items they never ordered .

All so the agent kept referring to a fraudulent phone call I received I explained three or more times that it was a fraudulent email not a phone call. He was hard for me to understand do to his accent and he did not seam to understand me AT ALL either.

User's recommendation: Do not call Amazon about fraudulent email invoices. They just don't care.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Fraudulent activity.

Amazon Cons: Very difficult to reach customer service.

Location: Lynnwood, Washington

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