I am unsure if the following has been forwarded to you by Synchrony Bank. July 03, 2020, I received a letter from Synchrony/Amazon dated June 26, 2020, asking for overdue payment in the amount of $1563.57.

Although details of these transactions were not disclosed, I replied July 06, 2020, explaining that I no longer have an Amazon/Synchrony Account and all charges were fraudulent. That response was sent to Synchrony Credit Services, Orlando Florida, and Michael Bopp, Chief Customer Engagement Officer, Draper, Utah. Interestingly enough, I have not received a written acknowledgment, however, dunning telephone calls are received daily, while other calls said "Your dispute was received and is being investigated, a response will be sent within 7 to 10 days" while another call said 30 days. I proceeded to pay off whatever balances I had on my JC Penney and eBay Credit Cards which were also issued by Synchrony Bank.

Prior to this incident, my credit score was in excess of 800, now it is 687 or thereabout depending on the Credit Reporting Agency. During 2019 all my credit cards, Amex, Barclays Bank, Capital One, Chase, Comenity Bank, Bank Of America, and Discover Bank was replaced due to fraudulent charges made on Amazon starting with the Synchrony/Amazon Store Card. Some cards were replaced twice within the same year. February 14, 2020, I received an email from Synchrony/Amazon regarding an overdue balance when the card was not used after April 27, 2019, and all prior charged paid.

I destroyed that card on instructions from their Fraud Department. Those transactions were discovered to be fraudulent after an investigation. Chase offered and I accepted a Chase/Amazon Store Card and declined a replacement card from Synchrony Bank. I have not made any transactions on Amazon since.

However, Synchrony/Amazon continue to submit negative credit information daily to the Credit Reporting Agencies. If they are indeed investigating, they should have already determined that I was not involved in any of these transactions and reversed or removed all derogatory credit information.

Location: New York, New York

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