On April 27, 2018 I bought Aubrieta Hybrida Seeds from Yancy Le 1gh SALPA. These seeds were $1.52 a package & free shipping. So, I decided to buy 10 Packets. I used amazon's one click ordering which does NOT bring you to a detailed page of your charges. My total should have come to $16.00. When I received the package on May 16, 2018 there was no packing slip with the order. I planted the seeds and then when I looked at my account on Amazon I saw that I was charged $85 for shipping. I didn't see the shipping fee with one click ordering, otherwise, I would have immediately cancelled the order. Who would ever expect to get charged $85 for shipping when the company clearly states $1.52 & free shipping? I have never been charged a shipping fee from a company that states free shipping on their advertising page.

I tried working with the company and they were giving me the run around saying that the system calculates the shipping fee. When I told them that they cant advertise free shipping and then charge someone shipping fees, they totally ignored me and just said I am sorry you are not satisfied.

I didn't worry about it because I knew Amazon would have to protect me because this is illegal advertising and is actually a crime. I thought at the very least they would tell this company that they have to give me my $85 shipping fee back or they will not be permitted to sell on Amazon. NOPE, that did not happen. Amazon dropped my claim and then to top everything off, they wouldn't even post my review of this awful company. This will happen to more customers because Amazon wouldn't even let me warn other buyers about this company and their illegal practices. Amazon denied my appeal to their decision also.

I was a very dedicated customer of Amazon for many yrs. I always thought I was protected with buying through them. I no longer feel this way. I feel betrayed by Amazon. I also feel that by Amazon letting a seller get away with this , they are also guilty of false advertising.

I feel that the advertising should have said shipping charges may apply. That would have alerted me to possible shipping fees. Instead they are aloud to state & free shipping and Amazon does NOT stop them from doing this.

I am still trying to understand how this company can get away with this through a large company like Amazon. I am still trying to understand how Amazon doesn't protect their customers from false advertising like this and hold their sellers accountable. I paid $101 for seeds. These seeds didn't even grow and when I told Amazon that not only did this company falsely advertise shipping fees, they also are selling a product that doesn't grow. Amazon didn't care one bit about any of this. I am so disappointed in Amazon. They make a lot of money off of customers like me and this is how they treat their dedicated customers.

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Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $101.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Amazon Cons: I was not listened to at all, False advertising, Being stuck with a useless product, Negative review not allowed.

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