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Someone is using my name and I think my account. I was sent an email stating that a shipment was arriving to James Wilson- 394 Wild rose Ave - San Antonio, Texas 78210.

The merchandise is a Samsung 55 QLED Smart TV and its arriving there on 10-22-2021.


Its price is $769.99.

Order Confirmation # is A01-4125-****7139 and their customer service # is 1-81*-824-****. I did not call them because this is the 5th time this has happened using the same name and address. And if they are hackers, I didnt want to talk with them or give any of my personal information that they may not have. Please check into this again and make sure my identity hasnt been compromised.

Why do I Keep getting these emails?? Please insure my credit card has been used for this tv.

Or make sure they did not open a second account in my name.

Will be waiting for your reply!! Thank you,

Debbie Brinkman

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: No human customer service for fraud.

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me too


Same here!! Someone is trying my last good nerve!!!


Same here!!!


My credit card has been used to purchase a Samsung TV for James Wilson.


I received the exact form letter from fake Amazon …. 1/2022


1/14/22 I received one today. Saying my order has been shipped out to James Wilson 394 Wildrose Ave, San Antonio TX 78210 for a Samsung 55 inch Class qled 4k UHD dual LED Smart TV with Alexa built in.


We received the same email.


January 11/12,2022 I just received order been shipped to james Wilson 394 wild rose ave San Antonio texas checked my accts all good no charge for $7??.?? Amazon shows no riders to ship


I to received an e-mail saying the same thing today December 17 2021 saying the exact saying the same thing.


happened to me today, nearly the same everything you mentioned.


I received an email stating the samething for tv to the same address .my accounts are good.Its not me scammers.


I have experienced the same name (j Wilson) , tv order and same cost. Called Amazon number indicated i did not order and needed cancell order.

Tried to get to go on line to receive a form to fill out.

Felt it was just a scam to get into my computer. Checked my accounts and did not fine any charges for the 789.99.


Also pisssed!!! I received the same email, same order #. Says it was shipped to James Wilson, 394 Wildrose Ave, San Antonio TX 78210 Samsung 55 inch Class QLED 4K UHD Dual LED Smart TV with Alexa Built in, $769.99.


Same here. I don’t have an Amazon account though!!!


12/6/21 Just happened to me too. Same delivery, same name, same product, same price.

Reported to Amazon since that is who the "invoice" said the order was through.

Phone number was bogus 877-310-****. Haven't seen it on my Amazon account or credit cards so will check again tomorrow.


the same thing happen to me,i checked amazon account didn't show any new orders.


Same thing happened to me.


Fri, Jan 21, 2022 .... I got that same email about a tv purchase and sent to James Wilson !!

I immediately called Amazon and confirmed that no TV was charged on my account.

I hate Scammers!!!!! Damm FOOLS, even IF I could afford such an expensive TV, I sure wouldn't have it sent elsewhere!