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Someone is using my name and I think my account. I was sent an email stating that a shipment was arriving to James Wilson- 394 Wild rose Ave - San Antonio, Texas 78210.

The merchandise is a Samsung 55 QLED Smart TV and its arriving there on 10-22-2021.


Its price is $769.99.

Order Confirmation # is A01-4125-****7139 and their customer service # is 1-81*-824-****. I did not call them because this is the 5th time this has happened using the same name and address. And if they are hackers, I didnt want to talk with them or give any of my personal information that they may not have. Please check into this again and make sure my identity hasnt been compromised.

Why do I Keep getting these emails?? Please insure my credit card has been used for this tv.

Or make sure they did not open a second account in my name.

Will be waiting for your reply!! Thank you,

Debbie Brinkman

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Cons: No human customer service for fraud.

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I just got one of these emails for a purchase cost of $1,149 wth is going on


my girlfriend just got the same email about a matchbook pro for $1,149 & being sent to James in Texas... she open'd the pdf on her iphone... read down below the pdf contains virus (not sure if its true or not)


I also got a similar message with the same name and address.


I just received the same e mail for an Apple iPad not gonna call the number incase it’s a hacker


Same thing happened to us. I reported the SOBs to Amazon. I hope they burn in ***


We keep getting this email too. I don’t open I just delete because we don’t have an Amazon account. 5-13-2022


That should say Amazon . Com not ***.com


Not sure how Amazon let this happen but it might be time to cancel. I received the same email for a TV that cost over $1000.

I immediately went to my account history and saw nothing.

Amazon may be getting to big for their britches. Time to rethink...


I also got that email JUST NOW and googled it, it is a scam phishing email where the PDF has malicious virus in it. DO NOT OPEN IT. REPORT AS PHISHING SCAM ASAP.


I knew it was a scam but didn't realize the PDF had a virus sent. It wasn't detected. Oh man, Thank you


Ah I just got that email. Except it was for an Amazon computer !


I also received the same letter, and this time I bought APPLE MAC BOOK PRO, I thought someone stole my account and really wanted to find out who JAMES is!

@Rubert Jcq

I just received the same email from "Amazon" re: Apple MacBook Pro Apple M1 chip ordered and sent to James Wilson {{Redacted}} Call Amazon customer service to track purchase +1 (877)-624-**** Order Grand Total $1149.00 This is a scam and bunch of BS! I WANT THIS TO BE INVESTIGATED HOW DID THEY GET MY INFO AND WHETHER OR NOT THEY ARE USING MY IDENTITY TO OPEN UP OTHER FRAUDULENT ACCOUNTS TO PURCHASE OFTHER HIGH TICKET PRICE ITEMS!




Same thing happened to me! Now again only with a PC


I just got off the phone with some ditzy customer service representative from "amazon" who dared to tell me "Please be sure your credit card is not accessible by anyone else." Well that's a big ole DOH! No charge on my card and nothing in my amazon basket or purchase history in the amount of this Apple computer for $1,000+ This is ridiculous.

I'm LIVID. I am considering never using Amazon again if this is the level of protection their customers get and the low level of customer care you receive when you call about these issues!!!


You’d think that with the fee increases every year they at least toss a couple bucks towards protecting their consumers. or at least make it easy to track weather a purchase has actually been processed. Or someone that actually gives a *** Might make for some good business.


I was sent this email from Amazon yesterday and the order number is #A01-4125-****7139fG2 this is a fraudulent case here! This person James Wilson 394 wildrose ave San Antonio TX 78210 I did not order any merchandise!

The merchandise was Bose Speakers 51 with Alexa Built-in! Just know that these Indian merchants are fraudulent corrupted people.

! They are using this fake phone number which is 1-84*-***-****


I was sent the same email same phone number and address and same order confirmation number for bose sound speakers for 369.99


Me too I can't believe James he is more fraudulent than me