At this time its an ongoing issue with the hacker being confirmed by me as someone who has access to both of my credit/debit cards. I am now convinced that the hacker is a keyboard tracker. As soon as I change a OW the hacker goes in and changes my password. I have canceled all my debit/credit cards and received new ones about 7 days ago. Today I had to cancel those due to her already constantly changing my password and signing me up for things I was not aware of and adding channels, instacart express Grubhubs and attempting to charge other things. I have no debit or credit cards because when reissued the the Pw is changed and they are use for other things. You have no one deanof the depth of this hacker. It is also tied to my cellphone and iPad too. Although I changed my number it did no good because her depth/ virus hacker or whatever is directly tied to my IPhone. Everything I type, numbers, PW, text, emails, settings, credit cards she has direct knowledge of. Just like if she takes time to read this she will have direct knowledge of our email. Soon as in days I will have a new phone, new email and PW she cant *** along with a safe and secure typing and charging device. When I have this setup I will attempt to login in to your dispute accounts and fully explain what this hacker has done but until then my email, text, messages and any attempt at logins and settings is not safe.

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to an email or chat or whatever site you have as soon as I have a secure phone and email and settings myself.

Rebecca Roberts

User's recommendation: More protection is needed for debit/credit card fraud and identity theft. They make it very difficult to stop fraud and identity theft. In calls no and changing my info so the hacker wouldn’t have it. I told them while trying to retrace the hackers stuff that I had that might help them trace the hacker they never asked and said it wasn’t there job to do anything about identity theft and fraud. All hey were interested in was a credit card. They also set me some nasty texes and emails. One way they could help cut down on this online accounts is to offer bank drafts. Very few of thilese streaming networks offer bank drafts and it’s simple and would track fraud in half at least.

Location: Smyrna, Georgia

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