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I am recently going through the horrible experience from Amazon for on of the product received. Their response is ridiculously rude and never sorted my issue.

I have written to Jeff(as he claims that he does address the experience from customer) but expected never got my email addressed by him of any other escalation management team.

While in this process, I have realized the fact of the review for any product which is written by customer are manipulatively posted and not all the reviews are posted inspite you follow their guidelines. I tried posting good review on the other 2-3 products , it was posted within few mins - I know this is all Automated but the low ratting review goes in further screening and never get posted or they do post if any product have multiple 4-5 stars reviews - Just to average it down.

Lesser review product will not have any low rating review.

This is my experience and my opinion. I lost my Money and mentally peace with Amazon - Someone else should not!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Review Listing.

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Jeff doesn't respond to his emails that's just a big fat lie he told on the internet. If you email Jeff it goes straight to the customer disservice drones as usual. They call themselves "executive" disservice drones but they are exactly the same.