So I got $300 of gift cards for Christmas from my mom and other family up north. I had bought $85 worth of stuff for my dog on the 11th of Jan, bought a blink camera for like $41 on the same day but never received it so I got the credits back on the same day as well.

Used it for the Amazon prime membership and a week trial which was $14.06 and $2.15. I checked my account today because I got an email stating I made a refund for the $85 when I didn't and that I also was getting a refund for the $41 blink, the prime membership and week trial as well.. I had $198 this morning while looking for headphones I never bought, but when I checked my gift card balance, it's only showing an even $150 and is missing two of the gift cards when I have proof I had $300 at one time.. Amazon support is no help because I get someone from India who's talking to people behind her I guess, and she keeps stating over and over about how I only had two gift cards for $75 instead of the 4 I claimed back on Jan 6th..

I know they are behind the fraud because she wouldn't listen to me and kept asking what I think needs to be done... I feel I've been compromised somehow but have no way of knowing because they could be sending me to a scam artist each time I call.. I need someone who is tech savvy who can give me some help because I don't know a damn soul that can right now and I'm upset.

The $85 like I said should be off my account including the trial and prime so I should have $198. Someone please help me before I have another panic attack..

Location: Houston, Texas

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