I had a phone call saying someone use my Amazon account to make a purchase, so I thought I called Amazon. I went to a website that looked exactly like Amazon.

It was a scam website. They asked for my drivers license picture, my address, for my to transfer all my savings to my checking account. They said they had to put my information on a secure drive to monitor my information, because the scammers used my account. The told me the scammers were doing this from Mexico, and they made to phone purchases on my card.

I checked my online account, and I didnt see any purchases. They wanted me to enter my card information online to a site call Moonpay. I did not.

I finally got the real Amazon, and they told me I was not the only person that had this attempted scam. They told me the next time to report it to US Trade Commission.

User's recommendation: Scammers are sophisticated.

Location: Zanesville, Ohio

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