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Yes, Amazon blamed me for the issue from devices in my home. When I spoke to the digital department I was informed by a representative that the IP addresses were coming from Texas, another state than the where I live and the eGift cards all have different email addressess.

I emailed a detailed outline of all of the transactions that were fraudelent and unauthorized. I don't believe that Amazon looked into a single one of the unathroized and fraudulent transactions. The Bulllshit response that Gina gave me was given in to me in a week, when this is been going on for 4 months.

I find it hard to believe when I reported this the first unauthrozed frauduelnt transaction in March when they could've told me the BS then or in April, May, and June when this kept occuring. Another reason that it's BS, I read a similiar complaint from this site and they gave this customer a very similiar response.

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I contacted Amazon.com due to serveral hacking of my account and unauthorized charges that started in March 25, 2019 through July 8, 2019, of various digital downloads and eGift cards ranging from $50 to $250. Each time I reported the incident, each representative would state that they are documenting the incident and that it gets forwarded to their security/fraud department.

They would disable my account and then email me what I needed to do to reopen my account by changing by password. I spoke with a represntative in their digital department who looked up the IP address to the location of the unauthorized digital transactions were coming from who stated was in Texas. I told him I do not know anyone in Texas. After the 5th time of this occuring and purchases were made to my account, I emailed a detailed outline of the events of these unauthorzed transactions to corporate office's customer serive with a courtesy copy to Jeff Bezos.

His executive team member was to look into the my complaint. A week later she provides me a phone number and request to call her at 616-969-4780 (New York). I called the number and it rang 5 times and then went to voicemal. I let her know that I would call her back in a few hours and the calls went DIRECTLY to voicemail.

Later that evening she left me a voice message stating that she would email me. In her email she basically stated that I needed to troubleshoot my devices that I own and that the transactions were coming from a secured device. I immediately emailed her back and stated that this in NOT true. She then called me from a Washington State number 206-266-4600 on July 8th.

Because I don't know anyone from Washington I didn't answer the call. It wasn't until I listened to her message that I learned that it was her and in that message she stated for me to provide her a good time for her to contact me back. I did so, and then next day, 7/10/19, I called both phone numbers because I had not heard from her and both calls went straight to voicemail. Later that evening I checked my email and she basically stated that they've done all the can do.

In her email she makes the accusation that the hacking of my account is coming from someone that may have access to my devices. She never provided any details identifying any of the locations of where six (6) unathorized digital downloads and fake emails for eGift cards were made from which at least with digital downloads I know they can be found through IP addresses and other sources. I know for a fact that the unauthorized charges did not come from any device that I have or use in my home. Whoever has been hacking my account for five (4) months, has the ability to go around the two step text notification/auhtorization process, because each time an eGift is purchased or a digital download, I am NOT notified via text requesting an authorization code.

This is the worst customer service I have experienced with a company. It's truly unfortuante that this is how Amazon treats their customers by accusing their customer of being a thief and/or knowing theives especially when there is clear evidence of someone hacking into my account using different email address for their eGift cards to be sent to. Then on July 11, 2019. I get an email that I requested for my account to be reoppened when I did not.

I closed the account on July 7/8th. I contacted Amazon and was informed that they reopened my account without my consent to close the investigation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Amazon Cons: Poor customer service, Fraud, No alternative solutions to resolve issues, Ignoring customers, Devalue customer.

Location: Elk Grove, California

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I closed out my cards each time an unauthorized transaction was made to my account and was issued new cards each time. However, I am happy to report that since I closed my account with Amazon, I have not had any issues of fraudulent transactions.

It was definitely on Amazon's end, not mine. :)


I hope you disputed all bad charges with your credit card issuer and closed out that card for fraud.