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Food poisoning from a Whole Foods delivery on November 12, 2021. I've talked to several people at Whole foods and they are not cooperating listening they were rude it was a horrible experience .

The yogurt that they send and youre able to look up on your end was the 32 ounce 365 vanilla low-fat yogurt and I had a couple of bites and I thought it was very bitter and acid tasting and it didnt sit right at all after the third bite so I put it away in the refrigerator. I was supposed to go out that evening for a fundraiser in San Francisco with the homeless people we work with or I should say volunteer for, I went downstairs looked in the refrigerator took the yogurt out because I had called my doctor and it was the answering service and they said did I check the date of the yogurt and I never thought to do that I mean Ive always had a great experience with Amazon especially Whole Foods someday is good some days not with their deliveries and I know everybody is short of help because of Covid but the date of the yogurt that I ate was October 12, 2021 !!! Thats 5 weeks expired..

What Amazon did do for me was connect me with a customer service area and a very very nice woman talk to her supervisor and I was granted the $104 and change that I had to spend on the order and they gave me credit but she was upset and nervous as was the manager and Novato at Whole Foods in fact that manager whose name is Chris he wanted to drive down here give me another yogurt and take the contaminated yogurt away and I said now I will never probably have yogurt ever ever again I was so sick and I finally threw that out this morning meaning that the yogurt that was in a plastic bag the container with an elastic band on it you could still smell it in the refrigerator but I kept thinking Amazon will take this seriously a woman that 66 lost her job which pays every dime towards rent in Marinwood California and we need to reimburse her because she has no job from some thing that happened through Whole Foods and somebodys very very negligent mistake !

So yes I am seeking compensation for the last three weeks that I would have been working and thats already $2700 and going forward until August when I start of the job and I dont think that thats asking too much to say the least! Oh so Im really hoping that Amazon will take me seriously because I live in the bay area in California and they are very pro citizen complaints on TV one is seven on your side the other one is KRON and I have absolutely no problem whatsoever contacting both new stations and letting them know what happened and what the result is which is nothing right now 000 results !

Whole Foods and Amazon I would think would definitely not want to change the fact of what happened with me and theres no one that I have talk to said the same thing. I need to be compensated for me losing my job I can no longer work in special education because theres a lot of heavy lifting involved and I had a hip replacement so this job was the perfect job and as I said it was a reference or a recommendation per se from someone I used to work for in Mill Valley and they moved to Ohio and while I was working those last three months I turn down other job activities that would be under some of the job sites I was looking for but more importantly is how sick I was and I wondered whoever reads this if you have a bowel and stool sample kit sitting in your top drawer in the bathroom because thats not what youre thinking when youre hallucinating because youre so hot and youre so sick that you really thought you were going to die from this well thats what happened I know I dont have a sample and yes I did call the ER during the weekend or I should say my son dead on Sunday around 6 PM because I was still projectile vomiting in buckets and then Monday a.m.

I called and my doctor and I had a zoom interview Wednesday morning .

This is so long its all over the place I understand that but you dont understand this loss of a job means that I could get evicted if I dont pay the rent I have mentioned and I shouldnt have to mention it at all because its private but all my savings any retirement which is very little that I had was all used during Covid and after until I found this job or I should say the job was presented to me and the The couple I worked for with the 15 month old child said absolutely no we need someone that we can rely on five days a week and even their comment was kind of rude but now I have no income whatsoever and I really really need help and Whole foods kept telling me this morning they were going to email me the vendors name and I can contact them?!?! Susan Britton

User's recommendation: Never.

Monetary Loss: $32000.

Preferred solution: Compensation of $800 per week that I lost because I was laid off from the food poisoning on November 11, 2021 from the yogurt I ate from Whole Foods and they are not cooperating or helping me at all.

Location: San Rafael, California

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