I had placed a food order at 9 am yesterday, it was supposed to deliver between 12-2pm. the food never came.

I was charged the full amount of the order to my bank account although when you look up the order in my amazon account it shows that the order was cancelled. not only did I not cancel this order, I did not receive any food, I was not informed of the cancellation, I was charged the full amount of the order, and when I tried to get someone on the phone to resolve this issue I couldn't get anyone on the phone. I spend ~20,000 dollars a year on amazon and I will be canceling this account forever, this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I had to take my sick children out in the cold last night while they screamed and cried for and hour and a half to get food so I could make them dinner.

this was such an awful experience I will never forget how awful amazon is. nd after hearing how terribly they pay their empoylies I will not support this god awful company anymore.

these people should be ashamed of themselves for being robbing thieving horrible people who *** people out of money and starve children. so just to confirm Amazon supports starving sick children, so please not that they abuse small sick children!

User's recommendation: cancel your amazon account.

Location: Glen Head, New York

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