I have been a prime member for only a couple of years, but I have been and Amazon customer since the beginning. In all that time, I have never had an issue with their service.

I know most will only use this format for complaints but I thought I would express my appreciation for their service. I have reached an age where retail shopping is challenging for me physically. I have used Amazon for all my Christmas gifts for ages. This year, I used their gift wrapping option and was extremely pleased with the gift bags each was put in.

Good job,, Amazon.

For me, you are a blessing. Sincerely, Barbara Chittenden

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Wrapping Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Not only that, but as a disabled person who is basically house-bound, Amazon Prime is a life-saver when it comes to ordering household supplies, especially heavier items such as laundry detergent and bleach. You also forgot to mention the free movies and music, more than any 10 people could hope to watch or listen to in a lifetime! Yeah, Amazon is amazing.


I have used Amazon for at least 15 years and agree. I have never had a problem that I couldn't resolve relatively easily.

I purchase merchandise from Amazon at least once per week. I use Prime and have gotten 2 day delivery about 98 % of the time. If the delivery is longer it tells me at checkout. Returns are simple.

You notify them on your Account Order page, they send you a label on-line, you print it out and you send the item back. If you requested a replacement, it is usually shipped the same day you contact Amazon. The Ratings for each product are very valuable in ascertaining the quality of the Product as well as the Vendor's. As always it is up to the Buyer to do his or her research.

The only criticisms I have with Amazon is that if you want to speak with a "live person" at Amazon you have to go through 3 levels of "Contact Us" to get the phone number, but it absolutely can be done.

I am also not a fan of Prime Pantry or Add On's, but other than these negatives, I believe Amazon is one of the best Merchants on the Internet. RD