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I recently noticed several charges on my Amazon account for $0.00 on channels and programs I never purchased. I thought it was Amazon's weird and wrong way to inform me of their availability until I saw a purchase for $2.99 for a video game I never did, and have no access to (I believe the access is given to the person that received it as a gift through their internet provider).

I called Amazon.

their explanation was that because I had purchased a couple of firesticks that I gave away as a present, that is, I never opened the boxes, just gave them to friends, I am the registered responsible party for those firesticks, therefore, all purchases on them are FOR ME to pay.

Have you heard of anything more illegal than this? This is OUTRAGEOUS!! I already complained to them and firmly requested they change that policy, that they DO NOT make you aware of when you purchase firesticks on the Amazon website.

This is plain robbery. I am very disappointed with them, even now they have refunded my money, I believe this is FRAUD!!!

Reason of review: Not making your customers aware of your tricky practice.

Amazon Pros: Products and shipping speed.

Amazon Cons: Fraudulent practice with firesticks given away as presents.

Location: Princeton, New Jersey

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Dispute the charge(s) with your credit card issuer. You DID use a credit and not a debit card, didn't you?