They tried all they could do to help with the fire stick it won't connect to my internet for some reason and so we did a factory reset and after 45 minutes on the phone they said my firestick was out of warranty and if they would give me a gift card and a 20% off discount to buy a new firestick and then they'll send me a label to send this one back but until they receive this one back I won't get the new one which is absolutely ridiculous it is not my fault that there's something wrong with her firestick it keeps saying pause that I paused it I didn't do anything it's got some kind of malfunction so I'm not happy with the outcome but they did the best that they could do I guess but instead of me having to wait till I send this fire stick back I think that they should just send me a new one and then I'll send this one back with a 20% discount and the gift card that's the way I feel they should have handled this unhappy TV Fire stick user

Location: Warren, Michigan

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