I ordered from Amazon, opting out for the FREE (?) shipping (this "FREE" does not calculate the expense of mental frustration associated with FedEx=InEpt!!!!).

The order was placed on 16th--shipped on the 17th-- 18th came within a stone's throw of the designated destination (Northern Ky/Cincinnati) -- THEN proceeded to Columbus Ohio (a 4 hour drive away from my house & NEARBY HEBRON KY. hub! ) to sit for the next 3days!!!!

... and I have yet to recieve my package!!! AND THERE IS NO TRACKING OF IT! ANYMORE!

it's like "Fedex Smartpost Grove City OH US" is a BLACKHOLE !!!!


THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AT U.S.P.S. ... Save the public commons from these inept! greedy! grossly mismanaged corporations! fEDeX LIKE SO MANY OTHERS ...ARE "BLOOD SUCKING" PARASITES OF U.S.A. SOCIETY. I partially live in South Korea throughout the year ... deliveries..trains.. buses...etc. operate efficiently/ on time. This type of busy-work would never be tolerated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Same thing happened to me. The package arrived in Hebron Ky a half hour from where i live , sat there for 3 days , then shipped to Grove City Ohio 2 hours away from my house .The next step is they are going to drive all the way from Columbus to Cincinnati with the package and drop it off at the U.S Post Office and have USPS finish the last leg of delivery.

Next time I'll pay the extra few dollars and use USPS or UPS to avoid these bozos. The thing is when you select standard shipping for anything ordered from Amazon they don't tell which carrier they will use.


why do you cry like a baby? you are a *** head.



That's the service you get when you don't pay extra. You saved 7 dollars worth of shipping and it got to you eventually. Stop complaining.