My package has been at fedex since the 4th of December. It is now the 16th cant talk to a manager or the braselton ga branch.

I live in ga and I can go get it within an hour. They cant let you talk to anyone in management or at the shipping branch. Worst experience I have ever had with Amazon and fedex. the most sorry excuse of a corporation I have had to deal with in my life.

I will refuse to ever buy anything that has to ship via fedex. *** them as a company. From the people that answer the phone to the people that sit on their fat *** and collect a unearned paycheck. They are all just as useless as their management teams.

I will refuse any shipment from fedex from this point forward. If they have to deliver it I have no issues going without it.

To be honest I am to the point to where if I do not receive my package by Saturday I will no longer use Amazon again either. If anyone would like to call me or email me a resolution feel free.

User's recommendation: Never *** a *** thing via fedex.

Location: Lilburn, Georgia

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