Incorrect information is listed in item description. Error appears to have been done on purpose. No correction after reporting problem several times.

The Frigidaire air conditioner (model FRA064VU1) is listed incorrectly on the company's website. Here is a link to the listing: http://www.amazon.com/Frigidaire-FRA064VU1-Profile-Window-Conditioner/dp/B004P8K39Q . A lot of information is listed incorrectly at the beginning of the description, including the model number, features, voltage, and maximum square feet. It is obvious that the model number in the description does not math the one in the title.

In an archive of the page from October 14th, 2012, their are no item details in the description. The correct details were enter. On a later date, the correct description details were added. Then the information mysteriously changed and became incorrect. I really think the information was changed to be incorrect so they could sell more.

The link to report incorrect information is missing from this listing and I have contacted Amazon several times. One customer service representative acknowledged the errors, but they were never corrected.

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Tried to purchase an item on Amazon today. Info on the page describing the item said I could get it for half price if I placed it in my cart and then input a code during checkout.

I followed the instructions exactly, but then a message flashed saying the promotion had expired. I called customer service and they said they could not put the order through with the advertised price if it was expired. I said that if it was expired they needed to remove the offer from the page describing the item. I was told that they have no control over what it says on the website !?!

False advertising, bait and switch, etc. etc.


they also have put a false advert up about tablet my mate phoned em up and they told her that it is not misleading but she has spoke to a few ppl and they all said that it is false advertisin :( what can we do to get this sorted


That very well may be CSR, but how can Amazon in good conscious ask people to visit their site to buy if the correct information is not available. Worse if they 'take a chance' relying on Amazon 'good' reputation and the product is a disappointment how is that good for Amazon. If you are CSR, I think that when customers bring something to your attention you should pull the ad until it is correctly identified before it can be sold.

As a regular Amazon customer it hasn't been until recently I have noticed grave inaccurate ads, such as this person makes mention. I ordered something last month, that I could easily had gotten elsewhere cheaper but I am used to shopping Amazon. What was shipped to me was not what I had ordered. The seller had not reread the description before it was posted so I got something else. It was crazy that the seller would be so reckless. I blame Amazon, I emailed the seller as specified . . . he actually never even reviewed the packing slip, assuming the buyer was wrong kept referencing what he thought was sent . . . Had customer service attempt to really get to the root of the problem they would of realized this seller was forwarding orders to a warehouse 2,000 miles away. This seller never had even seen what he was selling, he didn't know the product so it is no surprise why his descriptions were so inaccurate.

Why put a buyer through the hassle? If a seller can't get his ad right pull the ad. PERIOD. It is maybe an honest mistake but it is still bait and switch and it is illegal I assume in all states and I resent that Amazon feels it doesn't have to follow the same laws that a bricks and mortar store must abide by. Shame on you Amazon. You are burning your bridges and you aren't smart enough to even know it.


That's because that item is shipped and sold by a 3rd party seller not Amazon. That particular item is sold by evVive Home.