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2 day shipping? Rarely!

Most of my orders took 3-7 days, some even more. I didn't get credit for one return until I made several complaints, even though I had UPS tracking info that confirmed they had received the item back. WHEN an order gets messed up, the complaint process is long and tedious, involving 3 or more different people, none of which know what has gone on previously. Of course, that after wading through page after page of useless dribble trying to find where to lodge a complaint.

Not all products are "Prime eligible" either.

Often the product is available from an independent Amazon vendor or elsewhere online at a cheaper even with shipping. Never again for me!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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Did the shipping claim 2 days when you checked-out? If so, they will credit you when you complain.

I always take a screenshot of the checkout page showing the estimated delivery and keep the e-mail order confirmation with those details as well.

I'm pretty sure in the fine print they can't 100% guarantee delivery times since the package is out of their hands once it leaves the warehouse, but if you complain they should offer you something. Do you live in a remote area?