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Bluedio T5 Wireles Headphones - $58.99

Purchased from Amazon – May 3, 2018

Amazon Order # 114-2340017-2207433

Amazon Return window closed June 4, 2018

I bought these Bluedio T5 headphones off Amazon on May 3rd. Worked fine for a month. Yesterday, turned them on and paired them as I had before -- but this time got an immediate and continuous humming ( sounded like some sort of feedback loop ? ). Could not correct this by any means. More importantly, I could not turn the headphones off. The hissing static noise continued. nor could I turn off the headphones.

As the persistent audible noise continued, I left headphones overnight. By this morning, they were silent. Then I connected USB-C to charge them, but then I seemed to have only "deadphones" instead of headphones.

At this point, I cannot turn the T5 headphones on, and I certainly cannot pair them. They are unrecognized by any of my devices - Laptop, iPad or iPhone. Need to return them and get a replacement. Unfortunately, discarded the box in which the headphones were sent after three weeks, thinking I had no need for the packaging any longer. A mistake, I guess.

Amazon showed a return window of June 4th, so I cannot return them to Amazon.

What can Bluedio do for me ???

Product or Service Mentioned: Bluedio T5 Over-Ear Headphones.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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