Do notR/S/M I am a prime member of Amazon. I'm being exploited by the local agent.

He didn't deliver me my orders for many days and also not picking up the wrong product received by me for replacing or refunding. After some days ago I made a complaint against him because he was delivering me open packets of courier. So he is taking revenge with me now. Today I visited his office and asked him why he is doing so.

He replied that I made a complaint against him so he is doing this. and he said that he will not deliver any p[roduct to me even wherever I complain against him.

He abused me very badly and kicked me off from his office with the help of 2-3 other delivery boys. Now tell me what should I do?

Rajat Sehgal

# 479, Sector-20, Huda

60 feet road, Sirsa (Haryana)

Pin: 125055

Ph: 99966-2****, 70155-6****.

User's recommendation: Dont faith on Amazon agent never.

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana

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