Ok. I have ordered parts of cars before from Amazon and EbaY motors over the years.

And most of the time they were project cars, not my primary, so time issues didn't matter much unless your trying to finish a build before a show or a race.

This last order to rebuild a 4l60E transmission was a primary income vehicle. I had moved to Florida an had ordered several times from Amazon at my new address. Even before the needed transmission repairs. So when my truck just quit, and I have 4 men who relay on me to pay their bills.

I needed to get this truck back on the road ASAP. The problem is I'm new to area. And there isn't many places who repair Trans. So I ordered the rebuild kit.

And it arrived most exposdisously. Once I opened the trans. I found out what was broken and ordered it. And Amazon shipped it to N.J.

to an old address I used to build cars at. Well it took over 2 weeks to return the products and have them reshipped to the right address.

To make it worse, the torque converter I bought didn't fit and had to buy the new one locally as to get my truck making $. I applied for a refund and tool 2 weeks to return $203.00. Right before Xmas.

This was unacceptable...

By any standards... #bazos

User's recommendation: Great for gifts. Not mechanics.

Location: Miami, Florida

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