Don't bother paying for expedited shipping. They will tell you it will be delivered in 2 - 6 days, take your money and then in your confirmation, they will confirm in writing that it will take 2 - 10 days.Therefore if it arrives 7 - 10 days, they will refer to your confirmation date range of delivery and you are helpless to argue.Also, they will gamble that your product will arrive within the dates quoted even when they know it's unlikely it will, if it doesn't most people don't call to complain, if you do call they'll refund the shipping. Either way, in the long run, they make a tremendous amount of money on unfulfilled extra shipping charges.

Monetary Loss: $31.

Location: New York, New York

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I agree with prior comment stating you need to pay extra for expedited shipping. Amazon.com has excellent customer service low priced or free shipping options.

Amazon.com uses a variety of mail carriers and sometimes the carrier offers a tracking number that Amazon.com can post to your order. If the tracking information says 'Left the Seller Facility' then that means Amazon.com has shipped your package. Now it is up to UPS, USPS, Fed/Ex, etc. to send updates your shipping.

For example, USPS may not post an update until the package is delivered.


What the ***, I paid for expedited shipping and it still says it left the facility. I *** hate ordering *** from Amazon.


USPS will always say that unless you pay for TRACKING, which comes with EXPRESS mail which costs MORE. Delivery confirmation is NOT tracking. It CONFIRMS delivery and costs 65 cents.


EXPEDITED SHIPPING is NOT delivery. It is SHIPPING. If you want express delivery then you need to pay for a tracking number.