Please do not sell on Amazon. I am not a seller or online businessman in any way. I signed up for an Amazon seller account just to have an outlet to sell some of my hobby computer equipment as the need arose. We're talking maybe one listing a year here. Well the time came when I wanted to sell my older equipment, which may be an upgrade to someone else, and upgrade to a newer faster machine.

I listed the item and it sold within a week. The day it sold I received an email saying my item had sold and another one telling me my selling privileges had been removed. I took off work early and went to the post office to get the buyer his machine as quickly as possible. (The buyer was into the same hobby as me and we developed what has become a pretty regular email friendship around our mutual interests) I shipped the item next day delivery and entered the tracking number on Amazon. The buyer received the item next day and through email, I helped him get it up and running that very evening.

He left me a 5 star review and had nothing but great things to say in his feedback.

This sale was pretty much executed and wrapped up in three days with a great outcome for everyone involved. Except here I sit over 30 days later with my selling privileges still removed and the payment of funds from this sale still on hold. This was my first and only sale on Amazon and it went off perfectly. Nothing was done in violation of any policies and the buyer is happy as can be.

The most frustrating part is that, other than the email they sent me letting me know my selling privileges were removed, I have not been able to get any response what so ever out of Amazon. No reason why. No additional information requests. Nothing about what happens next or where we go from here.

Amazon has taken me out of my hobby since I have not been able to buy a new machine and wont be able to until they decide, if ever, to release my funds to me.

This is my take. Amazon is currently making use of the fee earned by them on this sale to operate their business. A buyer somewhere has a positive view of buying on Amazon because the sale reflects more on them than on me. They are earning interest on my more than 10000 dollar sum that they are sitting on. Then there's me. Who did everything by the book and is still left to suffer. But Amazon has a far larger mouthpiece than me so, chances are, no one will ever know about me.

Please steer clear of selling on Amazon. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that they could give a rats *** about you and your "business". Having been put in this situation and with no communication from them, I searched Google to try to gain an understanding of what was going on. I found horror stories of people who had good selling businesses suddenly shut down with no explanation. Usually they hold your money for 90 days. If selling on their site was your livelihood could you go 90 days with no payments? And with no explanation or justification? After 90 days, selling accounts are closed and you get your money but your business is over. Why put yourself in that situation?

Fortunately for me, I can wait to get my money without it being a financial burden but I can now only read about what others are doing in my hobby online and am not able to participate anymore. All for executing a perfect sale on Amazon.com.

Monetary Loss: $11750.

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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The B.B.B. DOES NOTHING, but review & grades them, which I think they have an F from another reviewer, have not looked ,but will!

I would imagine they would. Contact consumer affairs & take them to small claims court,it does NOT cost that much to pay a small fee for a small claims. But, do not let it keep dragging out,I would call 10 times a day & block my number & become a real pain. Somebody needs to take Amazon DOWN!

It is getting around how bad they are,just keep telling how they do everywhere & to anybody who will listen! Hooyah Getem


Did you report them to the Better Business Bureau? I am currently involved in a similar dispute with amazon.

The more of us who register a claim with the BBB, the more they are exposed for the criminals they have become. I highly recommend registering a complaint.

You can do it online, and it only took me about ten minutes to officially register. Don't let them get away with this!!!


I had a similar experience selling an item on Amazon. When I got the email from "Account Specialist" cis@amazon.com telling me that my selling privileges were revoked, the same "Account Specialist" cis@amazon also informed me that "..No further information or insight..." would be provided.

I had to spend hours trying to get my money from Amazon, but simply got the same response about "...No further information or insight...".

My customer gave me a five-star review and I did nothing in violation of Amazon policy. I had to file a complaint with my state's Attorney General's Office before Amazon paid me. The entire process took almost three months, and the amount was not really very much.

BUT, even that small amount took a great deal of effort to get from Amazon! :(