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When my daughter rented a book from Amazon it was with an email that I no longer use for anything important. I didn't realize there was a rental book due.

They charged my credit card $259, 3 times the cost of a used book. Amazon will not do anything after several calls. They will give me a $50 gift card. Has anyone had any luck putting a hold on the credit card charge and disputing the charge?

That is my only option at this point.

I email Apex and they shift it back to Amazon. There was also no rental sticker on the book which would have jogged the memory to return it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Gift Card.

Monetary Loss: $259.

Store Location: Los Angeles, California

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If the book isn't returned at the end of the 15 day extension, you'll be charged the purchase price (minus any rental fees and/or late charges you've already paid).

Disputing the charge because of this likely will not do much. The credit card company may credit the amount if they feel that is warranted, however given the information above which is available on Amazon, Amazon will likely simply respond back to the credit card company which they have 30 days to do and tell them you were informed if the book was not returned you would be charged and at that point the credit card company will likely replace the charge on the card.