I just did not use Prime enough to warrant another increase in the price of the membership.

I use to pay $99 for a year a couple of years ago, now you are wanting $140 a year, to rich for my blood!!!

I live on a retirement pension, and received a small COL raise.

When you get a raise it amounts to about 20-25 percent.

Your company is the best Ive seen but I think you expect all your customers to pay for all of your expansions, not right to the consumer.

I never use all the other things on Prime you added to it to increase the price in the membership.

Soooooo I put a stop to it!!!

I eliminated the problem, cause Prime is really not needed to me.

We the people these days do not have extra money to give away, be careful on your future raises for yourself, the members may one day be gone!!!!!

BW Berg

User's recommendation: Costumers, keep an eye on all the increases with Amazon.

Location: Saint Paul, Minnesota

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