Buying a book? We think: "Amazon" right? Well this may seem trivial to many of you who've actually suffered real damage at the hands of Amazon, but in principal, you might find this small, but pretty disturbing. On Monday I logged onto Amazon to buy a book; I've used Amazon many times before. The difference this time was that I wanted to change my "method of payment". I'm consolidating into a bank account. No problem right? I went to the appropriate page and changed my credit card to the bank account with which I pay all my bills as well as PayPal, another verified online service. All seemed to go well until I received an email telling me that my account was denied. I followed instructions to reenter my bank info, (perhaps I got it wrong) and again all seemed fine. Now the same email appears again. This time I follow its link to "Telecheck", a service Amazon uses to verify accounts and pay sellers. The people at Telecheck were very nice and we walked through all my banking information, to which Telecheck declared: "...this account is good!"

OK, now another call to Amazon and we dance again. Amazon suggests I visit my bank and have them check my account. I did this the following morning (by now it's Wednesday..) We even called Telecheck from my bank. Both Telecheck and my bank affirmed: "..no problem...". Back on the phone to Amazon, and the rep tells me the very same things all over again, to which I replied that I had done everything they suggested, and even contacted my Bank's main office where they could go deeper into my accounts to see if any attempts had been made to fund this sale. No attempts for this sale had ever been made, and no 'declined' notices had been issued. This customer service rep was a phonebot. I left that call, and went through the motions of changing my info again.. Still the email arrives: "..very sorry but...". The next Amazon rep apologizes, has me cancel the original order and actually buys me the book! WOW; that's pretty nice of him! All I have to do now is pay the 3.99 shipping. All should be OK. Uh-oh..what a shock - another "sorry about that" email. The last Amazon rep I spoke with saw that Amazon had been trying to run my account number as a debit card. I had never entered any information for a debit card. Amazon was assuming that. She corrected the mistake which seemed like an easy thing to overlook. OK, thanks Amazon; no hard feelings. I got an email confirmation that my book would soon be on its way. Well, it's now Saturday, and I'll invite anyone still reading this to guess what led me to a complaint site? Oh...well done! - Yes, I just got another email from Amazon telling me that my account was denied. I am utterly astonished that a company like Amazon is not only incapable of correcting what should be a simple glitch in their system, but then blames Wells Fargo and Telecheck for their problem! I've been a week dealing with a 5.99 purchase from Amazon that I must conclude, can't be made. Yes, of course I could purchase this book in a moment with my credit card. Am I going to? NO. That's not the point. I am, however going back online to Half Price Books where I found a nice copy of the book that's a little more in price, but I suspect will prove to be infinitely cheaper considering all the lost time I've spent with Amazon...

What can I say but never again...

Location: Stamford, Connecticut

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I wouldn't put too much trust in Half Price Books, either. They are in the business of ripping customers off by paying pennies for your book you sell to them, then marking it up 700% of what they paid for it.

They, like Walmart, also pay their employees laughable salaries, which is probably why they don't exactly get high quality people working there. It's essentially a legal racket.

No company is perfect, but Half Price Books is just as bad as Amazon. If you continue to buy from them, you'll see what I mean.


My spouse worked for a trucking company that has a major contract with Amazon freight. Just through them, I learned a lot about how Amazon does business.

Pair that with a cousin I have that has worked in an Amazon warehouse for years. Overall, Amazon is a VERY bad place. From a consumer persepctive, they might seem great because of what they offer online. But behind the scenes, they are ran by complete *** who try to railroad everyone they deal with.

They try to undermine thei employees and even try to stick their noses into the private business of their contractors. It is an awful company.

And I wouldn't mind seeing it go sooner than later. Last thing we need is a company worst than Walmart.