Hi There

I please. I am confused about my purchase.

I Saw the advertisement on Facebook. It was a promotion on Covid19 related We could buy a bundle of toys for mix boy and Girl age 3-5.

That included different types of toys.

So on the 20th of Aug I received A package of a small electronic car.

For first I did not know for what this was but I was so disguised but keep in to see if I get any enquiries

for perhaps a wrong delivery but noting happened.

So I enquired about my order that was now taking to long the Buffalo informed me that it was delivered

and it that was this little car I am very disappointed not even the money worth that I payed and the was not what was advertised. I just want to make sure that my order was not stolen or was I just taken for a ride.

Greetings Lizette

User's recommendation: Be Extremely careful Amazon is taking us for a ride and stealing our mony.

Location: Centurion, Gauteng

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