Matt Carter works at your Salt Lake warehouse out by the airport. We live in Draper.

His truck is not working so he has no ride. He has been demanding my vehicle which I need. We live in Draper. He likes his job but I can't take him out past the airport every day.

Can he be relocated closer to Draper? He also has domestic abuse problems. He has been threatening to throw me out or hurt me if I don't give him my vehicle. I asked for Amazon to require him mental health which he says can be provided.

This has not happened.. He said they mandated sexual harassment training but says nothing about home life. He will not do this on his own. He has promised me for 10 years he would get help for domestic violence but it's been a lie for 10 years and now it's worse than ever.

He punched his hands in his fist this morning acting like he would hit me if I did not give him my car. This is 2am he is screaming in front of the neighbors and he threw his breakfast and broke my kitchen dish on the door. My car is mine I pay for it and need it. He could work within walking distance of where we live for more money.

He likes it at Amazon, and I think getting his ged and mental health would be good. Is there a manager who can talk with him about transportation or working closer to Draper. If not please terminate him so he is forced to get a job he can

walk too. I can't drive him to and from work.

He can not continue to threaten me with violence or throw me out of my home which I pay half for because I won't give him my car. The police have already been called on him once this month for screaming profanities and throwing my important items onto the lawn.

Please help this situation. This is my third email asking for relief .

Location: Naperville, Illinois

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