I ordered a bedding comforter set from Amazon coming from the company ECityDirect.com. 2 Days later, I received an email saying the item had been shipped via Fed Ex and a tracking number was provided.

We were expecting the package about 4 days later. 4 days later- no package. Instead, I got an email from the company 4 days later saying the item was out of stock. Tried calling the customer service number listed on the website and no one ever answers, always goes to voicemail.

Leave a message, never get a call back. I am very frustrated with this company!

Wish they were more organized in their stockroom to update when items are out of stock before the customer purchases it, and then buys matching curtains and sheets. Buyer beware ordering from this company!

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

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They are a complete rip off. I bought an item from them as a Christmas gift.

It came looking like a plastic no-name dollarstore item with no packaging. When I tried to return it (unused, perfect condition) the very next day - they said I have to pay for shipping and - even better - they were only going to refund me 50% of what I paid?! Unreal.

Item was not nearly as nice as was what was advertised. Buyer beware.


Yes this is the worst company to deal with. I ordered a comforter from Ecity direct through Walmart.com the items color was different than pictured.

I returned it to the store and was told that there was a restocking fee and walmart charged me a 5.00 shipping fee.

None of this was disclosed on the website. Beware of buying from this company and using Walmart.com.