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Called about the echo show 8 I got as a gift. It is deactivated and I understand the guy did everything to try to help me but I just don't understand why I have this and Amazon can not just reactive the device.

I have it in my possession it was bought at a second hand store so no way to know the original buyer on my end but why couldn't they look it up and reactivate the machine? I think this is a huge flaw on amazons part. It just a waste. This day and age things like this should be simple and it should not make more trash to throw away.

Something perfectly good and it has to be thrown away. Just seems wrong. I'm upset I had to go back to my parents who were so happy to have gotten it for me and say it was trash. Nothing at all can be done with it.

What a waste. Work hard for money to afford this and you guys won't just reactive the darn thing.

Let's just make more trash. Disappointed......

User's recommendation: Nothing....since Amazon can't help with there own devices.

Monetary Loss: $56.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Wooster, Ohio

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