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Amazon is on the road to self destruction especially when they are biased to third party Sellers giving them favor over the Customer, their A to Z guarantee is sure not in the Customers favor at all and they will pretend to be. I have endured a fight trying to win my argument or dispute if you will to the point of having an emotional traumatic experience over it.

I ordered what was supposed to be a H4 7x6 inch square headlight conversion kit, these Sellers are selling this headlight as one individual unit without the Customers (Victims) knowledge, try to dispute this with the Seller and Amazon as even the box description states that it is a two unit system, after sending pics of this statement on the box to Amazon they still refused me the refund after four tries and an appeal to A to Z guarantee garbage system of theirs, what the Seller, not Amazon was concerned about was the bad feedback I gave them and they refunded my money without sending the one unit back if I would remove their bad feedback because I should not have been responsible for return shipping to them, I removed the bad feedback and they refunded me the full amount that I paid for it and they allowed me to keep the one unit, I guess I'll boil it and drink the soup as one without the other is useless. My truck was manufactured with two headlights not one, and beware of third party Sellers better yet steer clear of defunct Amazon altogether and spare yourself the grief.

Reason of review: A TO Z Guarantee.

Preferred solution: I need to let the public know of this so they will not fall victim as well..

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Best way to purchase on Amazon....

1. Sold & Shipped by Amazon.


Sold by Whomever, Shipped by Amazon.

If it's shipped by Amazon, then it's in the Amazon Whse.

If you purchase SOLD & Shipped by Whomever, your taking a chance.

I've done this ONLY when there was no other choice. Amazon has been good in dealing with returns.

I've found that Amazon has excellent return policy.