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Update by user Feb 27, 2022

Amazon did replace the package the driver stole. But the drivers are still leaving my packages at my front door and not the back door as I explicitly asked for!

Original review updated by user Feb 27, 2022

Amazon drivers have not been following delivery instructions. I get deliveries from Amazon several times a month.

One delivery driver decided to post the picture of the package that had been left 2 days prior, and use it for the package he was supposed to be delivering, and stole the package that he was actually supposed to deliver that day. They never follow delivery instructions! My instruction says leave it at the back door! They always leave it at the front door, then change my wording from backdoor to"back door and porch".

My instructions do not have the word porch anywhere in them.

To top that off, my delivery instructions specifically say leave package at "back door"! The pictures that they are showing for packages delivered, are pictures of my front door! The delivery drivers added the word "and porch".

So one of the drivers, if not the same guy, took a picture on one day that it had snowed, of a delivered pkg, at my front door. 2 Days Later uploaded the picture of the package at my front door on the day that it snowed, posting it as the picture to be used for the package he was supposed to deliver, then stole my package!

Well oh oops dude! I went outside the day the second package was supposed to be delivered because I got a notification saying the second day package has been delivered. I took a picture of the area he faked the package delivery. There was no snow in that area!!

BUSTED! I work from home, I'm always checking for my packages.

User's recommendation: Don't rely on delivery drivers to do the right thing!

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Amazon Pros: Customer service does rectify mistakes.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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