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The Holyoke, MA distribution fulfillment center has a Prime Delivery Driver with the Massachusetts license plate: A20-816. After coming home from work, I honked for her to get out of my parking space, and she ignored me for 10 minutes as she stood inside the mail box lobby.

The huge truck needs to be parked just a short distance in the rear of our building, then she could deliver amazon products. I own my condo, and I own my parking space. I told her don't park in my space again, and she began yelling at me !!!!. this occurred today 8-5-2020.

A physical description of her is about 5'7" tall with dark, (Black)longer hair pulled back in a ponytail. I am a health care worker, who goes out on any given time to assist ill people. No darn delivery driver should be taking up my space to park or any other personal spots in front of Condos. Period.

She needs to shape up and look for park on the street or as I mentioned in the back of the building.(That is a short distance. She should be equipped with a hand truck, if that is her problem.

User's recommendation: Don't use Prime.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Amazon Cons: All cons, Unacceptable.

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