I am an Amazon Prime member and purchase Amazon

products routinely. I have 2 dogs that roam my

property.delivery services ( UPS and FedEx ) routinely

deliver merchandise to my door without difficulty.

I have

communicated to Amazon that they may leave my

merchandise across the street if they are uneasy around

my dogs. All Amazon drivers, with the exception of one,

leaves my merchandise at the door. This driver either sits inleaves my merchandise at the door. This driver either sits in

my driveway and blows the horn or does not leave the

product, both actions being unacceptable.

Her verbiage

was" we are not allowed to get out of the truck if someone

owns a pet".

I would greatly appreciate some

understanding of Amazon policy as it relates as well as your

intervention. Thank you Marvin Hopkins 434 251 ****

User's recommendation: Please just follow instructions.

Location: Reidsville, North Carolina

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