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I was refunded and then double charged after the refund called and then told they cant help because they dont show the info but I have bank proof and bank info as well as my bank contacting me saying I was double charged they didnt offer me anything I am not out two charged of 104.22 not the one that I was to be charged they are refusing to refund me telling me because they cant find it they cant help I offered my proof they said not to do that and then kept telling me that they cant help over and over I am now having to shut off my debit card because of all this wait weeks to get a new one and also cant get to my money because of it less I visit the bank itself to do a withdraw in person I have been a prime member for years and am not vary happy I will most likely cancel my stuff if this is not fixed

User's recommendation: Watch for charges get prof and push because I am out money now and can’t seem to get help.

Location: Spring Hill, Kansas

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