I have a ridiculous amount of TV on DVD and DVD sets. They just take up too much space, so my friend and I decided we would trade them in. We looked at second spin & amazon. As a customer of Amazon's for 6 or 7 years at least, I wanted to use them, but my friend has been using second spin for a long time and wanted me to check out the difference in prices they were offering for a few trade ins. Second Spin did offer a bit more money, but charged shipping. 4 huge boxes would have cost me almost $500 in shipping, where Amazon sends you shipping labels and pays for it themselves.

The total I was supposed to receive in total was $1,048.62. 3 boxes were supposed to go USPS and one UPS. The cut off date to send the boxes was 12/24/12. I sent the 3 USPS boxes on Friday, 12/21/12 and the UPS one on the cut off date, Monday 12/24/12. I am very friendly with the USPS staff (I have a PO box there and check it every day, they're very good to me and my business) and I told him the boxes needed to be postmarked 12/21/12, which he showed me they were.

A few weeks later, I received an e-mail showing the $43.88 credit applied to my amazon account for the 4th box, the one that was sent to UPS on the cut off date.

A week after that, I received an e-mail from amazon stating that one of the three USPS packages was being sent back to me, the reason was "sent after expired date" even though I sent them, and they were 100% postmarked 12/21 and the cut off date was 12/24.

I called amazon and told them the problem. The customer service rep told me he was aware of the problem but couldn't do anything about it because the package was already being shipped back to me. I told him I paid almost $100 in packaging items and had to get my brother-in-law to help me dolly the 80+lb. boxes and that this was about 12 hours worth of work (packaging every DVD in bubble wrap, typing in every DVD into the computer and choosing what condition it's in, printing shipping labels, buying the items, etc.) and that it wasn't my fault the holiday's screwed up the USPS delivery, I did my part and got every box at the USPS before the cut off date and made sure they were postmarked for 12/21/12, 3 days prior to the cut off date. I told him I wanted the other 2 boxes NOT sent back, to please cancel them being shipped back to me because I did what I was supposed to do. He apologized and told me there was nothing he could do about it. A few hours later I received a few more e-mails stating the other boxes were being shipped back to me.

3 boxes came, sitting in front of my garage, I couldn't carry them. I had to wait for a friend to help me carry them inside. All the bubble wrap was removed (why? they didn't credit me or accept them. If they were sending them all back because of the dates, why would they open each package and DVD?) and the boxes weren't the ones I sent to them. The next day I received the last box at my front door, almost completely destroyed, no bubble wrap on the DVDs, I could see the DVDS because the box was broken.

I sent amazon an e-mail stating how disgusted I was. How long it had taken me to complete this project, how much money was wasted on packing items (2 rolls of bubble wrap was $45 alone!) how the boxes were sent to me so carelessly and how if I wanted to actually do this again I'd have to: unpack the boxes. Type each DVD into amazon again. Print more shipping labels. Buy more boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. Dolly them out to my car and into the PO again. I know I should've sent them all UPS, but that was my friends decision and not mine. The one sent UPS was a mistake, but was sent on the cut off date (not 3 days before) and that was the only one I did receive credit for.

I was given a $100 credit for my troubles, a credit I can ONLY use on things being sold from amazon. If I want to buy something from a 3rd party seller on amazon, the credit will not apply. Furthermore, I was told I wouldn't be able to actually see the credit until after I checked out so I don't even know if it's a real credit or what. Guess I have to buy something to find out! The e-mail was nice of them, the person was apologetic and told me to list any DVDs that may have been ruined in transport so that I could receive credit (or something) for the damaged items.

I will continue to shop at amazon because I love the site and have been using it for years, but I will never go through the trouble of trading anything in. Now I have boxes of DVDs sitting around that I have no idea what to do with. The thought of having to waste more time repeating this entire process again just makes me aggravated.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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This is somewhat misleading because you list your monetary loss as $1000, but you didn't actually lose this money. You expected to profit a thousand and failed to, that's not the same thing. Your damages are the shipping and time, not the thousand you thought you were going to make.