We opened an account about 7 months ago. We sent all of our products descriptions and images through spreadsheet.

Apparently Amazon merges products and uses different descriptions with out notifying you. We constantly have to email amazon to correct images, descriptions, etc on top of it they would send us a email saying that we have listed products that did not matched our products. We sell through other venues and never had these problems. We end up checking every single item (3,000) we had listed and verified that what we sent is not what it was displayed on their website.

After fixing the issue we got 2 bad reviews of 300 plus orders we did and Amazon decided to cancel our account and hold our funds. We found out that not only amazon hold the rudest customers database but also the cheapest ones.

If a customer ordered the wrong item would request a return as it received different from what it was ordered. that way we would have to refund even if item was open and used.

If you are considering on selling online don't use Amazon at the end you will loose

Review about: Amazon Account.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Amazon is notorious for closing accounts without reason. You can Google it and see for yourself.

There are hundreds of horror stories about Amazon.

As a seller you will eventually be screwed by Amazon. You have been warned.


Thanks for the real world view.


I think amazon shouldn't even involve itself with SELLERS. I think they should use you as inventory check over everything that goes out in it NAME> Lets face it customers did buy from your other ONLINE store because they don't trust you but THEY WILL BUY THROUGH AMAZON beecasue they believe (right or wrongly) that AMAZON will take care of the customers. "Givem the pickel" attitude

to Anonymous Omaha, Nebraska, United States #890589

You will think differently if you ever sell on Amazon.


I freaking agree.

to Anonymous Muenchen, Bayern, Germany #800037

I freaking agree,..I freaking agree,.. DOOY if it was not for the shady sellers to begin with Amazon would not need to get involved you freaking ***,It is their store and their site if you don't like it peddle your *** down the road :( :x

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