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I have preordered a couple Funkos from Amazon and each time they have either canceled the order or kept moving it back cause they were out of stock, but never told me that. Finally I got with their customer service who informed me that "unfortunately this is out of stock", I replied how can it be when I ordered this 7 months ago, you had my order in there and somehow someone who didn't preorder gets the product but me?

I said this was BS, I was then told to not use bad words and keep the conversation professional.

Um I upheld my end of this deal you all didn't and kept lying about it and you are quibbling about the term BS? Amazon is a dump of a company that has gotten too large where it could care less about when they make a wrong right.

User's recommendation: Go to a local store for products. Stop making this company richer.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Toledo, Ohio

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