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Sold a book. Delivered within allowed time.

BUYER waited until after 21 days to complain. Book was in tact and like new condition. BUYER never contacted me and somehow ruined book by destroying and/or removing 12 chapters. BUYER wants refund after destroying property.

AMAZON said I have to give money back and take book back. What a crock! BUYER simply decided they didn't want book, destroyed it and AMAZON is on their side. Also BUYER complained after the "time period" allotted, so this should NOT BE ALLOWED in the first place.

I did all I could and BUYER is one that AMAZON sides with? Time for a lawyer?

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I lost hundreds of dollars from buyers saying they didn't receive items (even though I had PROOF of delivery). Amazon DOESN'T CARE.

They loose nothing when this happens; only the small business, which can't afford these loses.

I moved my inventory (CDs, records) to ebay,, and another music retail site (which have their own problems, but not as bad as Amazon). When enough sellers do this, it will get their attention.


amazon is the worst online company ever , they rippoff sellers and always side with the buyer no matter what , i always ship with tracking numbers and buywers claim they didnt receive the item even though tracking shows deleievred buywer was refunded in full so im out of item money and my metric is affected , i hate amazon they suck i say go to *** amazon you and your *** thieves so called buyers

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Report them to the better business bureau. It takes about ten minutes.

Don't let 'em get away with it.

The more of us that unite against these unethical practices the bigger a message it sends that we will not be screwed over by Amazon.


This is very true. I had an account with Amazon, until recently.

I started the account over three years ago. Sold over 250 items since it was a purging process for me, not a business per se. They suspended my account saying i didn't measure up to standards, what a laugh they all are. My responses that I got that were reported, because many weren't, were 4 and 5 ratings.

I sold two items, recently. One item was a movie that a buyer purchased and stated he was sold a different item. Amazon, returned them the monies and and that buyer, not only keep the items but never payed for them. Amazon stated that I need to contact the buyer, to recharge them.

bull ***. Amazon should have not returned the monies until I, The seller cleared it. Another buyer purchases a printer and states the the printer is defective. They had already suspend my account to the happening, similar story buyer never returns printer and amazons reimburse the buyer, never clearing it with me the seller.

So I agree with the prior commentator. AMAZON only cares about there reputations as they told me, so that means to bad for you seller, if things go wrong.

to akibushido Elmont, New York, United States #602100

Amazon sellers beware! Seller support is outsourced to a third party that will always side with the buyer, and buyer support is handled directly by Amazon. It's a money-making venture!

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