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I had purchased four items from Amazon which had qualified for their "free" super saver shipping, and they shipped to me in two small boxes. Two of the items were not as pictured or just plain falsely represented (a ribbon sold as natural burlap was actually 100% poly).

The other item was of unacceptable poor quality. I sent two items back in the SAME box in which they had arrived. Total cost of returned items was approx $25. After the deductions for return shipping costs of the "standard" shipping fees ( $5.03 per item), processing fee ($.49 per item) and reversal of the original "free" shipping ($2.00 per item).

Between all of their "special handling and whatever" fees, I received a total refund for the returned order was… $1.01. Seriously?!!

I will not be an Amazon repeat customer if they think I am going to pay them just to ship me ***. Unless you absolutely KNOW that you will keep the item, do not shop the Amazon Rip-Off.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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I sympathize with you. Listen to mine.First all amounts are rounded off.

I purchased a couple of small items for my rv awning. Items cost 32.00 + 6.00 shipping. Total 38.00. 29 minutes later I realized they were wrong for my awning and tried to cancel the order.

Amazon, sorry too late ??? They have "the flash" working for them I guess.

Items came UPS in 1 little box. I didn't even open the box, printed the return document, attached and took it to UPS drop off within 2 days. Received amazon notification I would receive 25.00 refund.

What? Was I charged 13.00 shipping back to amazon when it cost them 6.00 to ship it to me.

No excuses from amazon, they have a strict take it or leave it policy, Note, I have bought many items direct from amazon in the past with this being my first ever return. I will be more careful in the future and avoid amazon when possible.

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