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This is my second lost for sold stuffs in amazon. Amazon has never listen to the seller, this site is not a good place to sell. We pay amazon fee a lot but when anything happened amazon turn the back on the seller.

Last year I sold my ipad3 32g and 3 weeks later this buyer file a-z claim for not receive d the item, I sent a copy for signed delivery pack, they said no matching or recognized signature from the buyer and amazon withinout investigated refund my money automatic ti buyer.i was so disappointed and stopped my selling here for awhile. And I just come back to sell again because I think maybe this was lesson fee I will do better to protect myself this time.

Today I have met again with a lady for bought my ipad on dec 18 and now email me for a return, I told her I am just a individual sell here, if she want to return she must email foe the reason within 2 days after the item delivered to her. She did not like what I say go back to amazon and file a claim for this item ship not as describe without doubt amazon hold my money there and wait to refund back to this buyer.

With all these problems, I feel so disappointed and have lost my motivation for selling with amazon.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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