Phoenix, Arizona

After purchasing two used engineering textbooks from this third party Amazon company, I missed the rental period because the website did not indicate in my order that it was a rental. After being on vacation while the "rental" period has ended, they have now informed me (three days after I have been charged) that I have extended the rental period, and that because I did not return the books yet I will be charged the buyout price for the books.

The buyout price is apparently twice what it would cost me to purchase the same books new. So now I am being charged $100 initially, $20 for the extension, and $310 to purchase the textbooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amazon Website.

Monetary Loss: $430.

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i had the same problem ....they charged my credit card and sent me the book back broke in half?? what a joke


I rented a book from them and returned it undamaged with my tutor as a witness. We returned the book before the deadline. Now they are claiming that it was damaged and are charging my credit card 3 times the price that you can buy it for new.


Did you ever call them??

If so do you have a number i am dealing with the same thing !


When you rent a book the e-mail states when the book is due to be returned by date. I dislike Apex also, but you screwed up this time.


It's happened to similarly to my daughter too - who switched her primary email. I wonder what % of students end up in this mess...