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Amazon in Washington, District Of Columbia - Overpriced

Update by user Jun 08, 2011

Where I say $138, it should say $138 more.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2011

I just purchased a Canon PowerShot SX130 IS Digital Camera for $191 from Amazon and Fingerhut list the same Camera for $329. That is a 72% mark up on the same product. If you don't believe me do the math or have someone who can do the math for you. Here is the website I got the information off of. However, Fingerhut does not use the exact name as the others Canon 12MP/12X Zoom Digital Camera, but on close up it is the exact same as what I ordered. I do not understand why Fingerhut's prices are so much higher. It does not make sense. I know we live in a capitalist country and if people will pay that price then it is not a crime to charge, in my opinion if I owned a company, I would have good ethics and keep my prices fair. I don't care how big my company is, I would not try and over charge people for products, that in this case they find $138 cheaper. So people if you have access, go to a website that will give a comparison of prices and pick the best price. I do not know how a company could stay in business, somehow, someway people are not forced to use Fingerhut, but have no other option. That is the only reason I could see someone paying $138 for the same product.
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Anytime you buy anything off the internet that cost more than a cheap meal best to check several sites before placing the order. Amazon retail prices are also wildly inflated.

No idea why. They had Mountain House camp food listed as retail for $44., sale priced 78% discount which if I recall correctly, was about $11 for their 4/person breakfast meal. A check at the Mountain House website the same was RETAIL priced at about $9, so you are actually paying more than retail. I contacted the Amazon seller and they said "they didn't notice".

Same for other items such as fishing equipment but those retail prices are harder to verify. Just bought a pair of name brand tennis shoes. The exact same pair was RETAIL priced three different places on Amazon and varied by $20 although the sale prices were within about $6. It makes shopping at Amazon confusing.

A buyer may think they got a better deal with a jacked up retail price, than an honest sellers pricing.

If Amazon wants to maintain it's integrity simple errors like this should not be ignored.

They can change it but they don't. Walmart or Amazon it is getting all the same now-a-days.


This is a complaint against Fingerhut which is so very expensive. Why is it listed as a complaint against Amazon?


You must have read the price of a seller on Amazon, as Amazon sells it for the price you paid.


when it comes to fingerhut the catch is you can make montlhy payments but they over charged on all of their products which is why the camera cost that much more.

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